Welcome to the Japanese Karate Do Cooperative!
JKC is made up of independent Alaskan karate schools who work together to promote and grow the study of Japanese Karate Do in the Last Frontier.
All member schools use their resources and talents to support and encourage each other and to grow their schools while helping to build stronger communities. JKC does not oversee or govern member schools, rather it serves as a conduit for members to accomplish larger goals in a region.
JKC sponsors technical seminars as well as the annual Southeast Alaska Youth Karate Championship. It also services as a curriculum resource clearing house for member schools when needed.
JKC has member schools across Alaska and welcomes all practitioners of Karate Do.
We are an Alaska not-for-profit organization, for more information please contact JKC coordinator Nathan Young 907 723 8316 or email Sensei@juneaukarate.com